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Report the case of a young feminine patient, 17, presenting since the first year of her life, a swelling of few milimeters diameter, close to the frenulum of the tongue, with progressive enlargement. At examination is verified a swelling about 10 cms. diameter filling the whole ground of the mouth and pulling backwards the tongue and producing a clear(More)
The Rhodococcus equi is an aerobic gram positive pleomorphic bacillus, that was isolated for the first time like a producer of bronchopneumonia in young horses. Every time more often, it is being recognized as a pathogen in humans, mainly in the immunodepressed population. We described a case, until now exceptional, of laryngeal infection by Rhodococcus(More)
We have studied 27 clinical records of patients with piriform sinus epidermoid carcinoma diagnosed and treated in our department during a period of 6 years. All the patients underwent surgery and radiotherapy. We have analyzed the survival and recurrence rates together with other parameters that may have some influence in them. We have tried to show the(More)
On the scarring strictures at the level of the pharyngo-esophageal junction, for example following surgery for pharyngo-laryngeal tumours, the treatment was traditionally the use of transoral dilators, as the metallic spark plugs or olives. At present the balloon catheters are the election technique for all cases. The advantages for the balloon catheters(More)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive degenerative neuromuscular disease of insidious onset. It involves upper and lower motor neurons and causes both spastic and atrophic muscular symptoms. More than one fourth of patients have complaints relating to the head and neck (bulbar palsy); thus, the otolaryngologist may be the first physician to see(More)
BACKGROUND The specialized medical assistance knowledge improved in hospitals since the introduction of Clinical Documentation Services, but hardly anything is known about outpatient assistance, specially in otolaryngology. METHODS In order to find out this information, during 1992 last quarter, we sampled 20 days of outpatient consult, studying the(More)
We have studied a group of 8 patients that presented the Usher syndrome. We have analyzed their family genealogic tree, showing the hereditary pattern found. We have analyzed the cochlear and vestibular functions. The retinoic and ophthalmologic complications are evaluated. We have searched for possible olfactory and gustative neuroreceptors disease.
We have studied the tubaric mucociliar transport time using a saccharin solution in: 1. A control group with normal eustachian tubes being the transport time smaller than 20 minutes. 2. A group of 30 ears with chronic middle ear disease with a central perforation; 23% of them had a transport time within normal range, in 46% the transport time was prolonged(More)
Presenting the results obtained in a group of 82 ears suffering from C.O.M. The AA. check the equilibratory function through manometry and the tubotympanic mucociliary clearance by means of a saccharine solution. The studied parameters showed frequent variations though independently. Nevertheless a certain degree of parallelism between the two is suggested.