F. Giacomozzi

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A broadband single pole double throw (SPDT) switch has been developed for use in the range of 0 to 30 GHz. The switch consists of a cascade of a MEMS ohmic series and a capaci-tive shunt switch with floating electrode in each branch. It is manufactured on high-resistive silicon using surface micro-machining technology. The SPDT switch provides an insertion(More)
The paper illustrates the activity carried out under an ESA contract for the development of a miniaturized RF-MEMS SPDT switch and switch matrix using micromachining technology on a silicon substrate for power applications. A manufacturing procedure, based on an eight masks process, has been set up. At present, a broadband single-pole-double-throw (SPDT)(More)
This work presents a new shunt-type ohmic contact RF-MEMS switch specifically designed as a switchable CPW air bridge. The switch can be used in coplanar waveguide (CPW) reconfigurable multimodal circuits, for a selective use of the CPW odd-mode. The bridge is anchored using folded-beam suspensions, in such a way that two points at each end of the bridge(More)
Tetra-methyl ammonium-hydroxide-with-water solution, or TMAHW, is an anisotropic silicon etchant that is gaining considerable use in silicon micromachining as an alternative to the more commonly used KOH (potassium hydroxide) and EDP/EPW (ethylenediamine-pyrocatechol-water) etchants. This is mainly due to its excellent compatibility with CMOS processing,(More)
A new configuration of a double folded double slot CPW feed micromachined antenna array was realized on a 1.5 μm thin three-layer dielectric membrane fabricated on a silicon substrate. The antenna was designed for an operating frequency of 38 GHz, and the double folded configuration was used for minimizing the membrane extension.
This work presents the design, manufacturing and packaging of a novel K-band 5-bit MEMS phase shifter for applications in Satellite COTM (Communication On The Move) Terminals. The first 4 bits are realized by using a switched line topology whereas the less significant bit consists of a loaded line section. The device has been manufactured in microstrip(More)
Charge accumulation in dielectrics solicited by an applied voltage, and the associated temperature and time dependencies are well known in scientific literature since a number of years [1]. The potential utilization of materials being part of a device useful for space applications is a serious issue because of the harsh environmental conditions and the(More)