F Gesuele

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We demonstrate second-and third-harmonic generation in a centrosymmetric CMOS-compatible material using ring resonators and integrated optical waveguides. The χ (2) response is induced by using the nanoscale structure of the waveguide to break the bulk symmetry of silicon nitride (Si 3 N 4) with the silicon dioxide (SiO 2) cladding. Using a high-Q ring(More)
We examine the population dynamics of multiple excitons in PbS quantum dots using spectrally resolved ultrafast supercontinuum transient absorption (SC-TA) measurements. We simultaneously probe the first three excitonic transitions. The transient spectra show the presence of bleaching of absorption for the 1S(h)-1S(e) transition, as well as transients(More)
We examine the time-resolved resonance energy transfer of excitons from single n-butyl amine-bound, chloride-terminated nanocrystals to two-dimensional graphene through time-correlated single photon counting. The radiative biexponential lifetime kinetics and blinking statistics of the individual surface-modified nanocrystal elucidate the non-radiative decay(More)
Multi Wall Carbon NanoTubes (MWCNT) are one-dimensional structures with diameters ranging between 5 and 30 nm and lengths up to hundreds of micrometers. They show a metallic-like behaviour and enhanced field emission capability; their sensitivity to the radiation is very peculiar, depending on their diameter and chirality. The wide range of their bandgaps(More)
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