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The south region of Sao Paulo city hosts the Guarapiranga dam, responsible for water supply to 25% of the city population. Their surroundings have been subject to intense and irregular occupation by people from very low socioeconomics classes. Measurements undertaken on sediment and particulate materials in the dam revealed concentrations of lead, copper,(More)
Natural levels of uranium in the diet of São Paulo City residents were studied, and radionuclide concentrations were measured by the fission track method on samples of typical adult food items. This information was used to evaluate the daily intake of uranium in individuals living in São Paulo City which is, according to our findings, around 0.97 microg(More)
A new and simple statistical procedure (STATFLUX) for the calculation of transfer coefficients of radionuclide transport to animals and plants is proposed. The method is based on the general multiple-compartment model, which uses a system of linear equations involving geometrical volume considerations. By using experimentally available curves of(More)
The accumulation and microdistribution of uranium in the bone and marrow of Beagle dogs were determined by both neutron activation and neutron-fission analysis. The experiment started immediately after the weaning period, lasting till maturity. Two animal groups were fed daily with uranyl nitrate at concentrations of 20 and 100 microg g(-1) food. Of the two(More)
We investigated chronic incorporation of metals in individuals from poor families, living in a small, restrict and allegedly contaminated area in São Paulo city, the surroundings of the Guarapiranga dam, responsible for water supply to 25% of the city population. A total of 59 teeth from individuals 7 to 60 years old were collected. The average(More)
F. Garcia∗, O Rodriguez ∗, F. Guzman∗, H.Dias, J.D.T Arruda-Neto , and M.S. Hussein† Instituto de Fisica da Universidade de Sao Paulo C.P.63318, 05315-970 São Paulo, SP, Brazil A. K. Kerman Center for Theoretical Physics, Laboratory for Nuclear Science and Department of PhysicsMassachusetts Institute of Technology-Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139,USA July 29,(More)
The effects of gamma radiation from (60)Co and (137)Cs on DNA in aqueous solution are studied experimentally. Using an improved plasmid purification protocol and improved electrophoretic gel analysis techniques provided results with relatively small uncertainties. The results are compared with both theoretical and experimental results. In particular, the(More)
s available in the selected databases, within a 10-year-period (January 2002 to September 2012) describing the nursing process in psychiatric nursing practice. Data were collected from the articles included in the integrative review using an instrument designed and validated by Ursi (13). Regarding their evaluation, the articles were classified according to(More)
We present the result of a theoretical study of the quasi free electrofission of 238U. The exclusive differential cross sections for the quasi free scattering reaction stage have been calculated in PWIA, using a Macroscopic-Microscopic approach for the description of the proton bound states. The nuclear shape was parametrized in terms of cassinian ovaloids.(More)