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Methods from the theory of surfaces in differential geometry are applied to the gray tone intensity and absorbance surfaces defined by a digital image. In particular, the first fundamental form, the second fundamental form, the two principal curvatures, the Gaussian curvature, and mean curvature from classical differential geometry are presented. New(More)
The absorbance values of a cell nucleus, as measured at each pixel location, can be considered as forming a surface in a three-dimensional space. The principal curvatures of differential geometry can then be evaluated for this surface. From these curvatures, two new variables are computed that, when averaged over all pixels in the nucleus, are viewed as(More)
An approach to the statistical testing of differences between two cell populations the elements of which are characterized by multivariate data is described. The approach is based on the Fisher discriminant and the Kruskal-Wallis test. The method, which is sufficient but not necessary, makes no assumptions about the normality of the data or about the(More)
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