F. G. Badía

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OBJECTIVE To describe the reasons for eventual dissatisfaction among the families of patients who died in the intensive care unit (ICU), regarding both the assistance offered during the patient's stay in the hospital and the information received from the medical staff. DESIGN Cross-sectional descriptive study, which was conducted after a survey using a(More)
Public perception of organ donation critically affects the availability of organ transplantation in the Western world. To assess the attitude of young adults towards the donation of organs and to investigate potential factors influencing their knowledge and actual behavior regarding organ transplantation, we evaluated a handout questionnaire survey of all(More)
This paper deals with the maintenance policy of a system subject to periodical inspections aimed at detecting the occurrence of failures. After the first N−1 failure, the system undergoes an imperfect repair that brings the system back to the operating condition while the Nth failure is followed by a perfect repair restoring the unit to an as-good-as-new(More)
The optimum thickness of the building envelope insulation materials depends on a large number of parameters. But the optimum thickness is calculated considering only economic arguments. In this paper, life-cycle assessment of the materials used in the building, and specifically the insulation ones, are included in the process to calculate the optimum(More)
We present the first results from a series of radio observations of the Hubble Deep Field South and its flanking fields. Here we consider only those sources greater than 100 μJy at 20 cm, in an 8arcmin square field that covers the WFPC field, the STIS and NICMOS field, and most of the HST flanking fields and complementary ground-based observations. We have(More)
Some FeNi-Ag granular films of composition Fe ld%.w‘h8z.2z (sample A) and Fe7.62Ni16.4Ag75.98 (B) were prepared by using rf magnetron sputtering, gnd once deposited were rapidly annealed at 600, 650, and 750 “C. All samples displayed giant magnetoresistance. The zero-field-cooled and field-cooled processes evidence the segregation of ferromagnetic particles(More)