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We report free-space distribution of entangled photon pairs over a noisy ground atmosphere of 13 km. It is shown that the desired entanglement can still survive after both entangled photons have passed through the noisy ground atmosphere with a distance beyond the effective thickness of the aerosphere. This is confirmed by observing a spacelike separated(More)
Water gas shift (WGS) reactors are critical components in fuel processors used in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells as systems that reduce the amount of CO poison that contaminates the cell stack. The WGS reaction: CO + H2O ⇔ CO2 + H2 ∆H = -41.2 kJ mol is an equilibrium limited, exothermic reaction that requires high activity high selectivity(More)
In the chemical solution deposition process of YBCO superconducting films, fluorine is widely regarded to be of significant importance in avoiding the formation of BaCO<sub>3</sub>, which hinders the growth of high-quality YBCO films. On the other hand, great efforts have been made to decrease the fluorine content in the precursor solution due to the(More)
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