F. F. Tetenev

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form. This mode of alteration of the oxygen capacity of the blood has not been studied sufficiently. Together with the main mechanism underlying the gas homeostasis of the organism, a mediated (through the blood) influence of a magnetic field due to changes in the rheologicaI properties of the blood and neurohumoral factors [9,101 is not excluded. It may be(More)
Spirogram, transpulmonary pressure, intraesophageal, intrapleural pressure, and pressure in a closed bronchus were recorded in 16 healthy rabbits under thiopental anesthesia (first series). Dead rabbits were placed in a chamber, where respiratory movements were simulated by changing pressure, and all the parameters were recorded (second series). The lungs(More)
The work of respiration and its components and the dynamic elasticity of the lungs were investigated in 8 healthy rabbits and in 15 animals with emphysema induced by intravenous injection of lycopodium spores. The pressure in the occluded bronchus and the intrapleural and intraesophageal pressures were measured relative to atmospheric. In healthy rabbits(More)
AIM To study alveolar capillary membrane permeability (ACMP) and total non-elastic pulmonary resistance (TNPR) in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in an acute period. MATERIAL AND METHODS ACMP of the lungs was studied in 35 CAP patients with ventilation pulmonoscintigraphy. Integral and regional TNPR were registered at inhalation and(More)
Musculocutaneous samples taken from 19 Chernobyl clean-up workers were morphofunctionally examined to trace the changes, which had happened in them under the lasting exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation. The analysis showed that the greatest changes had taken place in the epidermis in the form of thickening of corneal and cellular layers and(More)
The functional properties of neutrophils (the activity of myeloperoxidase and the production of hydroxyl radical) were studied in community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) predominantly with the alveolar and interstitial types of lung parenchymal infiltration. Protein oxidative modification was estimated from the content of protein carbonyl derivatives in(More)
The spirogram and transpulmonary pressure curve have been registered, the work of breathing and its subdivisions, pulmonary compliance have been measured in 14 rabbits under intravenous thiopental anesthesia (1st stage). 60 minutes after death the dead bodies have been placed in the box with the pressure, imitating the breathing movements (2nd stage). The(More)
  • F. F. Tetenev
  • Biulleten' eksperimental'noi biologii i meditsiny
  • 1976
The work of breathing and its subdivisions, pulmonary compliance, the bronchial wedge pressure, intrapleural and esophageal pressures were measured in 8 normal rabbits and in 15 rabbits with emphysema induced by intravenous injections of licopodium spores. Investigations were carried out under intravenous thiopenthal anesthesia. In normal rabbits the(More)
The paper presents an external respiratory failure (ERF) classification, a scientific rationale for its use in the clinical practice of departments of different profiles. The setting up of interclinical functional diagnostic laboratories and preventive health care facilities for the preclinical diagnosis of ERF is substantiated. The introduction of the(More)