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Congenital vertical talus was diagnosed in 15 feet of 10 children, and was treated by operative reduction. Forefoot deformity was corrected first, using anterolateral soft-tissue release on 11 feet, and manipulation alone in four feet. After prolonged immobilisation in plaster the affected feet had posterior release at the ankle and elongation of the(More)
Congenital flat foot is a rare condition. In a special clinic for foot deformities only one case was found in 121 patients (Osmond-Clarke 1956). Adequate correction depends on recognition of the deformity within a few weeks of birth, and any child presenting with a rigid, dorsiflexed and everted forefoot should be regarded as having congenital flat foot(More)
One hundred and twenty-five patients with 194 feet affected by congenital talipes equinovarus were treated by the senior author during the period 1959 to 1980. Of these, 70 patients presented either at birth or in the early neonatal period, and 55 were seen later, having been referred from other centres. Seventy-five patients were subsequently reviewed by(More)
Forty-three patients with 69 feet affected by isolated metatarsus adductus et supinatus were reviewed. Of these, 20 patients (with 31 involved feet) had been treated expectantly and spontaneous resolution had occurred with time. The remaining 23 patients (with 38 feet) had required anteromedial release; the operative technique is described. Excellent(More)
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