F. F. Clerc

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We have developed antibodies against the NK1 receptor and have investigated its cellular distribution. Rabbit polyclonal antibodies were generated against peptide (19-32) of the rat brain NK1 receptor. They were very specific to the NK1 site as shown by ELISA against various epitopes of NK1, NK2 and NK3 receptors and by immunoblotting of proteins from(More)
A simple microcomputer package is described to make the theoretical analysis of protein sequences. Several methods designed to compare two sequences, to model proteolytic reactions and to predict the secondary structure, the hydrophobic/hydrophilic regions and the potential antigenic sites of proteins have been included in an Apple II microcomputer(More)
Glycosylation is the most abundant and complex protein modification, and can have a profound structural and functional effect on the conjugate. The oligosaccharide fraction is recognized to be involved in multiple biological processes, and to affect proteins physical properties, and has consequentially been labeled a critical quality attribute of(More)
Guanosine triphosphatase activating protein (GAP) is an essential component of Ras signaling pathways. GAP functions in different cell types as a deactivator and a transmitter of cellular Ras signals. A domain (amino acids 275 to 351) encompassing the Src homology region 3 (SH3) of GAP was found to be essential for GAP signaling. A monoclonal antibody was(More)
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