F. E. Trobaugh

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Histologic study of locally curetted bone marrow showed a sequence of blood clot formation, displacement of the clot by a primitive reticular tissue, and hematopoietic regeneration. Histologic regeneration of sinusoidal vessels, and recovery was incomplete 12 wk later with increased fat, residual trabecular bone, and cystic areas. Recovery of colony-forming(More)
The concentration of CFUC and the production of stromal-derived CSF in the femora of S1/S1d mice were determined. There was a lower concentration CFUC and a smaller total number of nucleated cells in the femoral marrow of WCB6. S1/S1d (S1/S1d) mice than in WCB6. +/+/(+/+) mice or in C57B1/6. +/+ (C57Bl) mice. On the other hand stromal-derived CSF production(More)
Digital image processing and pattern recognition techniques were applied to determine the feasibility of a natural n-space subgrouping of normal and abnormal peripheral blood erythrocytes into well separated categories. The data consisted of 325 digitized red cells from 11 different cell classes. The analysis resulted in five features: (a) size, (b)(More)
Treatment of mouse hematopoietic cells with heterologous antiserum raised against mouse brain markedly reduces the capacity of pluripotent stem cells (CFU-S) to form surface spleen colonies in lethally irradiated mice. To exclude the possibility that such treatment interferes only with the capacity of CFU-S to form surface spleen colonies, we evaluated the(More)
Forty-two patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) were studied for morphology of lymphocytes by light and electron microscopy (EM), in vitro responses of lymphocytes to a battery of physical and chemical agents, overall clinical status, immunologic status, course, and response to therapy. CLL lymphocytes could be classified by EM into four groups(More)
The capacity of normal livers in adult mice to support proliferation of pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells (CFU-S) was studied. We assayed CFU-S of the blood and livers of mice with intact marrows and of mice whose marrows had been ablated with “Sr (4 zCi/g) either before or after removal of their spleens, the major hemopoietic organ in marrow-ablated mice.(More)