F E Purifoy

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Bilateral hand-wrist radiographs were obtained from 176 female and 448 male adult participants of the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA). Between-age group analysis revealed no change with age in total width (TW) of the second metacarpal but a significant increase in medullary width (MW) along with decreases in per cent cortical area (PCA) and(More)
Attitudes of faculty and students will influence the success of educational programs to address acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). In 1988-89, 170 medical school faculty and 227 students completed needs assessment questionnaires at the University of Louisville, and the results were compared to assess the respondents' attitudes about AIDS. Both the(More)
The association among sexual daydreaming and sexual attitudes and activity was examined in a cross-sectional life-span sample of women (N = 117, 26 to 78 years). Sexual daydreaming was measured using the Imaginal Processes Inventory (IPI) while sexual history measures of sexual activity, sexual drive, and sexual attitudes were derived from a comprehensive(More)
AIDS provides a unique challenge to health educators, requiring continuous evaluation and modification of educational strategies. Pretest and posttest questionnaires were thus used to assess the outcomes of AIDS training sessions. Results show that hour-long sessions result in knowledge acquisition and increased confidence among a demographically(More)
Dealing with AIDS in the workplace is complicated by a variety of complex issues. One factor influencing how AIDS is dealt with is the difference in knowledge and attitudes between supervisory and nonsupervisory personnel. We surveyed 3834 supervisory and nonsupervisory personnel from a number of businesses and corporations in the Louisville metropolitan(More)
Levels of serum androgens and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) were measured in 20 obese Pima Indian females aged 19-44 and compared with those of normal-weight Caucasians aged 20-46. The Pima exhibited significantly decreased SHBG compared to Caucasians, but a strong effect of age on androgen levels rendered mean comparisons useless. Androstenedione (A)(More)
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