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Infrared spectral images of Jupiter's volcanic moon Io, acquired during the October and November 1999 and February 2000 flybys of the Galileo spacecraft, were used to study the thermal structure and sulfur dioxide distribution of active volcanoes. Loki Patera, the solar system's most powerful known volcano, exhibits large expanses of dark, cooling lava on(More)
The Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer performed spectral studies of Jupiter and the Galilean satellites during the June 1996 perijove pass of the Galileo spacecraft. Spectra for a 5-micrometer hot spot on Jupiter are consistent with the absence of a significant water cloud above 8 bars and with a depletion of water compared to that predicted for solar(More)
BACKGROUND Cholelithiasis typically presents with right upper quadrant pain, as can pain from other right upper quadrant organs. Pain of cholelithiasis is often referred to tip of scapula. Professor Paddy Collins drew attention to fact that patients with gallstone pain would attempt to demonstrate this by placing their hand behind the back and thumb(More)
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