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The method of lactate diagnostics is used to compare the isokinetic concentric and eccentric work pattern in conjunction with relevant muscular stress. Therefore two training groups performed at isokinetic velocity spectra of 90 degrees/s, 120 degrees/s, 150 degrees/s and 180 degrees/s four series each. The factor "work" was kept identical by performing the(More)
The isometric strength of knee extensors was measured in patients six weeks after cruciate ligament surgery over a contraction period of 30 sec. The characteristics of the graph obtained form the measurement system were compared to the graphs of uninjured knee extensor muscles. Apart from strength reductions, as expected for atrophic muscle, the pattern of(More)
The development of a muscular hypertrophy represents one of the most important purpose in a postoperative training. With the example of an isokinetic training the present study was meant to record if the choice of the load intensity is of importance in this connection. 36 patients with an anterior crucial ligament rupture, who were divided into three(More)
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