F. Douglas Martin

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Accurate establishment of baseline conditions is critical to successful management and habitat restoration. We demonstrate the ability to robustly estimate historical fish community composition and assess the current status of the urbanized Barton Creek watershed in central Texas, U.S.A. Fish species were surveyed in 2008 and the resulting data compared to(More)
Bioassessment evaluates ecosystem health by using the responses of a community of organisms that integrate all aspects of the ecosystem. A variety of bioassessment methods have been applied to aquatic ecosystems; however, terrestrial methods are less advanced. The objective of this study was to examine baseline differences in ant communities at different(More)
"In this paper the authors address the problem of interpreting and classifying aggregate data sources and draw parallels between tasks commonly encountered in image processing and census analysis. Both of these fields already have a range of standard classification tools which are applied in such situations, but these are hindered by the aggregate nature of(More)
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