F. Donald Pate

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This article reviews the results of bone collagen stable carbon and nitrogen isotope paleodietary studies conducted in Australia. Stable isotopic analyses of prehistoric human and faunal bones and teeth provide a means to assess past Aboriginal dietary patterns and habitat use, palaeoclimate, and palaeoecology. In some cases, the relative consumption of(More)
Aboriginal stature across a range of South Australian environments is investigated. Comparison is made between ancient, historical and modern populations. Stature of skeletal remains from the ancient Swanport burial ground was compared against published results for the Roonka site. Stature was reconstructed using Pretty et al. [1998] and the Trotter-Gleser(More)
Archival research into episodes of frontier violence in the Kimberley region of Western Australia indicate that the bodies of Aboriginal victims of massacres were frequently incinerated following the event. This paper presents the results of a scientific investigation of a reported massacre at Sturt Creek where burnt bone fragments were identified in two(More)
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