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During the last two decades solving combinatorial optimization problems, using genetic algorithms (GA), has attracted the attention of many researchers. In this paper a strong initial population is created by Dantzig algorithm for solving single knapsack problems. This algorithm is hybridized with the genetic algorithm. A number of novel penalty functions(More)
In order to accurately simulate (13)C NMR spectra of hydroxy, polyhydroxy and methoxy substituted flavonoid a quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) model, relating atom-based calculated descriptors to (13)C NMR chemical shifts (ppm, TMS=0), is developed. A dataset consisting of 50 flavonoid derivatives was employed for the present analysis. A(More)
It has long been known to the researchers that choosing a variable having the most negative reduced cost as the entering variable is not the best choice in the simplex method as shown by Harris (1975). Thus, suitable modifications in the pivot selection criteria may enhance the algorithm. Previous efforts such as that by Dantzig and steepest-edge rules for(More)
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