F. Di Francesco

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  • Cascio Donato, Cipolla Marco, Fauci Francesco, Raso Giuseppe, Taormina Vincenzo, Vasile Simone Maria
  • 2014
— We present a scheme for the feature extraction and classification of the fluorescence staining patterns of HEp-2 cells in IIF images. We propose a set of complementary processes specific to each class of patterns to search. Our set of processes consists of preprocessing, features extraction and classification. The choice of methods, features and(More)
—In this paper, an innovative measurement system for odor classification, based on quartz crystal microbalances (QCMs), is presented. The application proposed in this paper is the detection of typical wine aroma compounds in mixtures containing ethanol. In QCM sensors, the sensitive layer is, e.g., a polymeric layer deposited on a quartz surface. Chemical(More)
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