F Delcomyn

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1. The mechanoreceptive campaniform sensilla, which are arranged in groups on insect legs, were studied in the stick insect Cuniculina impigra. In middle and rear legs, the most posterior trochanteral campaniform group (group 1) is oriented so as to be stimulated by compressional cuticular forces acting on the posterior articulation of the trochanter with(More)
1. A modification of the oil and hook electrode technique for recording extracellularly from fine nerves is described. 2. It uses a fine hook and a plastic tube that can be manipulated independently, and through which a high-viscosity oil or grease may be forced over the nerve. 3. The suitability of the electrode for high-quality and long-term recording is(More)
The advantages of nickel chloride (NiCl2) for intracellular staining of insect neurons are described. Nickel shares with cobalt the features of rapid migration, easy precipitation, and the capability of being silver-intensified. But, nickel-filled electrodes also have lower average resistances and pass current more readily than comparable electrodes filled(More)
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