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In 237 French families with cystic fibrosis (CF) restricted fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) were detected by two DNa probes, XV-2c and KM-19, which are tightly linked to the CF allele. As in other European populations linkage disequilibrium is found between the haplotype B (XV-2c, allele 1: KM-19, allele 2) and the CF allele. Linkage disequilibrium(More)
  • SOTELO Miguel-angel, GARCÍA Roberto, +4 authors NARANJO José-eugenio
  • 2007
Estimating the global position of a road vehicle without using GPS is a challenge that many scientists look forward to solving in the near future. Normally, inertial and odometry sensors are used to complement GPS measures in an attempt to provide a means for maintaining vehicle odometry during GPS outage. Nonetheless, recent experiments have demonstrated(More)
Due to electrical system's deregulation and subventions given by authorities for renewable energy, there is a multiplication of Distributed Generation (DG) connected to low and medium voltage grids. This increases the number of intermittent power exchanges. To maximize the penetration of DG it is necessary to use new grid's exploitation schemes. Series(More)
POLYMORPHISM : A first Taq I common RFLP is present for the 13.5 kb band, some individuals having another 10.8 kb band, and heterozygous individuals the two 13.5-10.8 kb band at similar intensities. An other common Taq I RFLP is present for the 2.5 kb band,some individuals having another 2.7kb band and heterozygous the two at 2.7-2.5 kb FREQUENCY :(More)
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