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Development of strains for efficient production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals requires multiple rounds of genetic engineering. In this study, we describe construction and characterization of EasyClone vector set for baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which enables simultaneous expression of multiple genes with an option of recycling selection(More)
In this study, a high yield production bioprocess with recombinant Bacillus megaterium for the production of the extracellular enzyme levansucrase (SacB) was developed. For basic optimization of culture parameters and nutrients, a recombinant B. megaterium reporter strain that produced green fluorescent protein under control of a vector-based(More)
BACKGROUND Single cell analysis for bioprocess monitoring is an important tool to gain deeper insights into particular cell behavior and population dynamics of production processes and can be very useful for discrimination of the real bottleneck between product biosynthesis and secretion, respectively. RESULTS Here different dyes for viability estimation(More)
Les grottes d’Arcy-sur-Cure dans l’Yonne (grottes du Renne, de l’Hyène, du Loup et du Bison) occupent une place unique dans le paysage du quart nord-est de la France, cela à double titre, par la période qu’elles concernent, couvrant la transition du Paléolithique moyen au Paléolithique supérieur, et par la documentation anthropologique qu’elles ont livrée.(More)
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