F. David Jones

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An overview of suicide in the U.S. Army is presented in two sections: (1) the epidemiology of U.S. Army suicides, based on biennium reports, and (2) the temporal aspects of those suicides compared with the data for the United States as a whole. A brief historical review documents some of the changes in contemporary military suicide rates compared to those(More)
Tom Lea was an artist correspondent for Life Magazine during World War II. He participated in the landing of U.S. Marine forces at Peleliu, hitting the beach 15 minutes after the troops. This painting was done from memory as he spent the first 36 hours after landing just trying to stay alive. The painting powerfully depicts the psychological mindset of a(More)
OBJECTIVE Homosexuality has remained a focus of military concern despite society's increasing acceptance of homosexual men and women and evidence that homosexuals have served and currently serve in the U.S. armed forces. President Clinton has stated a determination to end discrimination against homosexuals in the military and reverse the exclusionary policy(More)
Among 118 young Hispanic (101 Puerto Rican) psychiatric inpatients, somatic complaints, violence, suicidal tendency, hallucinations, sudden onset of symptoms, and dissociative behavior each occurred in 46% or more of patients. There was no difference in clinical presentation between island Puerto Rican patients and Puerto Rican patients raised on the(More)