F. D. Wells

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Copper cluster ions which contain 14 copper atoms and 12 penicillamine ligands produce no indications of toxicity when injected intravenously in doses of 12 mg/kg (as the hydrated sodium salt). These ions pass freely through the Bowman's capsules and are eliminated with the urinary effluent. The blood plasma and blood serum kinetics of the process may be(More)
A current regulator is described that controls the peak current of a power transistor driving an inductive load, such as magnet coils. Presently, the current pulse has a 0.1- to I-ms adjustable duration with duty cycle to 5%. Ultimately, the pulse length must be ~ 7 ms with 50% duty cycle. The peak current nominally is 200 A, as set by a reference pulse.(More)
Microstrip probes and associated processing electronics have been designed and used to measure charged-beam position, angle, intensity, output phase, and energy. The authors describe the system that uses the probes and discuss typical beam-cavity interaction data, measurement errors, and system performance. As a bunched, charged beam periodically passes(More)
The logarithmic ratio of the signal amplitudes from beam-position probe-electrodes provides a normalized real-time analog signal that is more linear in beam displacement than other signal-processing techniques for circular cross-section, beam-position monitors. The authors describe work being done to develop a log-ratio circuit using an inexpensive,(More)
A high-current Proton Storage Ring (PSR) is being constructed at Los Alamos to accumulate intense pulses of 800-MeV protons from LAMPF for delivery to neutron production targets. The beam's transverse location in the injection channel, ring, and extraction channel will be determined by a beam position monitor (BPM) system. The beam will be detected by(More)
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