F. D. Trujillo

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The integration of mobile ad hoc networks into IPbased access networks demands the presence of a gateway which is responsible of propagating some configuration parameters by means of Modified Router Advertisement (MRA) messages. This function, referenced as the gateway discovery mechanism, may be accomplished on demand from the mobile nodes (reactive),(More)
Connecting the wired and wireless networks particularly the Mobile ad hoc Network is integrated with Internet. Different mechanisms have been proposed to integrate MANETs and the Internet. These mechanisms are differing based on gateway discovery mechanism, and ADHOC routing protocol. When MANET is connected to the Internet, it is important for the mobile(More)
To make routing decisions based on more than one check, buffer residency, node energy and hop count and to provide an efficient routing method for wireless mesh networks, a fuzzy based oblivious routing is proposed in this paper. Simulation results in ns-2 verify that they perform better than multiple restriction routing. The AP need not be in the reach of(More)
Nowadays, there is an important effort in the research community to connect mobile devices in ad hoc networks with the Internet. In order to allow the connectivity to the Internet, a gateway that supports the wired single-hop and wireless multi-hop approaches is necessary. The wireless node, as laptops or personal digital assistants, must select the best(More)
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