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The relative susceptibility of cattle of different sexes to bruising was examined in five trials. In each trial there were three groups of cattle--bullocks, cows and mixed (bullocks and cows). The weight of bruised tissue trimmed from the carcases of the cows was significantly greater than that trimmed from the carcases of bullocks. The amount of bruising(More)
The partial least squares (PLS) regression technique was used to examine meat quality data derived from instruments (including Warner-Bratzler shear force and Instron Compression) and sensory panels. The data related to beef longissimus dorsi muscles collected during trials to study the effect of hot boning on meat quality. The univariate analysis of(More)
The extent of binding of glycolytic enzymes to the particulate fraction of homogenates was measured in bovine psoas muscle before and after electrical stimulation. In association with an accelerated glycolytic rate on stimulation, there was a significant increase in the binding of certain glycolytic enzymes, the most notable of which were(More)
The release of peptide hormones and uptake of radiolabelled calcium were measured in isolated rat neurohypophyses incubated in vitro. Neuropeptide release was provoked either by depolarising the tissue with raised extracellular potassium, or by application of biphasic electrical stimulus pulses. Potassium stimulation increased uptake of radiolabelled(More)
Neuronal perikarya containing vasopressin mRNA were detected in cryostat sections of cynomolgus monkey brains by using an in situ hybridization technique. The neurones were observed in hypothalamic regions (supraoptic nucleus, paraventricular nucleus, suprachiasmatic nucleus and accessory supraoptic nucleus). These findings are in agreement with previous(More)
The measurement of plasma constituents in a blood sample can provide information on the stress status of the animal. The interpretation of results obtained for constituents of blood samples collected at exsanguination must consider the effect of the slaughter process on the constituent. Both electrical and mechanical stunning methods can cause dramatic(More)
A major characteristic of cystic fibrosis (CF) is the progressive degeneration of acinar cells in the pancreas. It is now well established that the normal pancreas contains an abundant amount of an [3H]estradiol-binding protein. Although the physiological function of this protein is unknown, available evidence suggests that it modulates resting secretion(More)