F. D. Lewis

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The distance dependence of photoinduced electron transfer in duplex DNA was determined for a family of synthetic DNA hairpins in which a stilbene dicarboxamide forms a bridge connecting two oligonucleotide arms. Investigation of the fluorescence and transient absorption spectra of these hairpins established that no photoinduced electron transfer occurs for(More)
Our understanding of oxidative damage to double helical DNA and the design of DNA-based devices for molecular electronics is crucially dependent upon elucidation of the mechanism and dynamics of electron and hole transport in DNA. Electrons and holes can migrate from the locus of formation to trap sites, and such migration can occur through either a(More)
1 M He, BM Chen and Z Lin, "Structural decomposition and its properties of linear multivariable singular systems",Determination of the number of principal directions in a biologically plausible PCA model", 9 WW Tan, "An on-line modified least-mean-square algorithm for training neurofuzzy controllers", ISA
An inference engine for rule based expert systems which forms part of the EXPRES system is developed and presented. It is shown to be universal, correct, and optimal with respect to time. In addition, a VLSI implementation of the system is proposed which allows automatic design of universal as well as special purpose expert systems on a chip.
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