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We have studied a nasal Angiofibroma in a 71-years-old male, who had not undergone any male-hormonal-therapy. The age of occurrence and the clinical course of this case made the tumor very unlikely to be a silent puberal nasal angiofibroma. After morphologic exam and exclusion of other bleeding entities of the nasal cavity we arrived at the diagnosis of(More)
A case is presented of cervical sarcomatoid carcinoma that was initially confused with malignant fibrohistiocytoma. The similarity in their histological features and compatible immunohistochemical tests make it necessary to include sarcomatoid carcinoma in the differential diagnosis malignant fibrohistiocytoma. Many atypical presentations of malignant(More)
The AA. present a case of disseminated primitive melanoma of the rhinopharynx. The main difficulty was to establish the differential diagnosis, owing to the rarity of this tumor's type in such a sitting. The patient showed intracranial metastases which took him to death in a short term.
We present 4 cases of adenoid cystic carcinoma from different locations (parotid, submaxillary, larynx and auditory duct) and we underline the supraglottic origin of one of them. We point out the good clinical behaviour of this carcinoma, with a long tested survival, more than 5 years, in 2 of our cases. All of them showed morphological features(More)
Nasoalverolar cyst are nonodontogenic maxillary cysts, rare and benign, which are more common in females and blacks. Their diagnosis can be established mainly on the clinical presentation, being usually asymptomatic during several years until they are large enough to cause cosmetic deformities and/or nasal obstruction, with asymmetrical alar flare. The(More)
Since 1992, when our department acquired a flexible fiberscope with a working channel, we have used it in surgery on the upper respiratory and digestive tract. We call our technique laryngeal fiberscopic surgery. We report the results of four years of experience in this field. A total of 368 surgical interventions were performed, almost half to remove(More)
Report of one case of Laryngocele in a 49 years old male, without previous anamnestic data, but urticaria and orchitis recurrens till the removal of the pyolaryngocele. The diagnosis was awkward because of its rare behaviour with torpid evolution and distant manifestations. The AA. think it was consistent with a septic focus.
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