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Type IIB odontoid fractures (OF) in elderly patients are life-threatening conditions. Optimal treatment of these fractures is still controversial. The aim of this study was to assess the clinical and radiological outcome of surgically treated type IIB OF by anterior screw fixation in octogenarians. Eleven octogenarians with type IIB OF were operated using(More)
Arthroscopic repair of Bankart lesions is part of the arsenal available to the shoulder surgeon to manage chronic anterior instability of the shoulder. Despite improvements in technique, rates of recurrence remain high. Some factors relate to the patients and their lesions, others to technique.The hypothesis that insufficient repair may be the cause of(More)
Low back pain is a common symptom that can lead to disability and major socio-professional repercussions. Despite advances in imaging, the etiology of the pain often remains unknown. Morphological changes related to normal ageing of the disc appear on MR imaging without any symptoms. The potential impact of changes seen on imaging, especially MRI, also(More)
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