F. Cruz

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Cyclosporine A (CsA) and the cyclosporine degrees congener PSC833 are known to cause transient CNS symptoms at high dosages in animal and man. Since impaired glucose metabolism plays a fundamental role in many heriditary and drug-induced neurological disorders, it was the purpose of the present study to evaluate whether this mechanism of pathogenesis might(More)
Outra conclusão a que se pode chegar é que a NFC é uma tecnologia que melhora a experiência de utilização e que vai ser de grande utilidade para o crescimento dos pagamentos móveis. Abstract NFC (Near Field Communication) and mobile payments are two areas that have received a significant amount of attention lately. NFC is a wireless communication technology(More)
1. A comparison of phenol, pentachlorophenol (PCP) and procaine effects on axonal conduction were studied in vitro in the sciatic nerves of toad. PCP and procaine were respectively 6.3 and 3.15 times more potent than phenol in blocking axonal conduction. 2. Effects of PCP on synaptic transmission were studied in vitro in the eighth sympathetic ganglion of(More)
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