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Article history: Available online xxxx a b s t r a c t A reliability test bench dedicated to RF power devices is used to improve 330 W LDMOS in a radar conditions. The monitoring of RF power, drain, gate voltages and currents under various pulses and temperatures conditions are investigated. Numerous duty cycles are applied in order to stress LDMOS. It(More)
This paper reports a methodology to correlate Hot Carrier Injection (HCI) degradation mechanism regarding to electrical figures of merit on Lateral-Diffused Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (LDMOS) transistor. This method is based on RF life test in radar operating conditions coupled to a high drain voltage in order to make visible HCI degradation. We propose(More)
This extended abstract details a submission to the Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX) 2013 for the " Audio Beat Tracking " task. The system named ir-cambeat performs time-variable tempo and meter estimation , beat and downbeat marking. Detailed description of the various parts can be found in [1] and [2]. We briefly summarized them(More)
We present a study of atom-wall interactions in non-relativistic quantum electrodynamics by functional integral methods. The Feynman-Kac path integral representation is generalized to the case when the particle interacts with a radiation eld, providing an additional eective potential that contains all the interactions induced by the eld. We show how one can(More)
We derive the exact solution of the Boltzmann kinetic equation for the three-dimensional Lorentz model in the presence of a constant and uniform magnetic field. The velocity distribution of the electrons reduces exponentially fast to its spherically symmetric component. In the long time hydrodynamic limit there remains only the diffusion process governed by(More)
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