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2-Thiazoline-2-thiol is an antithyroid agent that strongly reduces thyroid hormone levels. Synthesis of these hormones is catalyzed in vivo by thyroid peroxidase. The interaction of this drug with molecular iodine and its effect on peroxidase activity were investigated. Iodine and 2-thiazoline-2-thiol form a complex of the charge transfer type of 1:1(More)
A series of compounds was synthesized by linking various derivatives of pyridine, pyrimidine or pyrazine to thiazole-2-thiol or to its partially hydrogenated derivative 2-thiazoline-2-thiol. The reactions of the compounds with molecular iodine and lactoperoxidase were examined in vitro. Their antithyroid activity was also examined in vivo in the rat. T4 and(More)
Antithyroid action of some antibacterial, antiparasitic or antifungal agents, was studied by 2 in vitro and 3 in vivo experimentations in the rat. These drugs can upset thyroid hormone synthesis by forming a molecular complex with iodine, and/or by inhibiting thyroid peroxidase activity. Rats treated with these drugs showed an hypothyroidism, demonstrated(More)