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While an in-depth experimental study of substrate noise coupling in an epi process has been reported, most research into substrate coupling in lightly doped bulk wafers has been limited to simulations without experimental confirmation. This work presents experimental noise coupling data for a lightly doped substrate, along with corresponding simulation(More)
While previous studies on substrate coupling focused mostly on noise induced through drain-bulk capacitance, substrate coupling from planar spiral inductors at radio frequency via the oxide capacitance have not been reported. This paper presents experimental data and simulation results for inductor-induced noise in the substrate. Noise coupling from(More)
This article is devoted to the study of Dielectric Barrier Discharges (DBD) and afterglows obtained at atmospheric pressure in nitrogen. Electrical and optical analysis of the DBD reactor are carried out in order to characterize specific activated gaseous species, which can travel with low energy dispersion for long distances in tubes. A hypothesis for the(More)
We describe a drying setup where a liquid droplet is confined between two circular glass plates and allowed to evaporate. Optical imaging of the shrinking droplet provides the temporal evolution of the solvent volume. For a pure liquid, we measure the diffusion coefficient of the evaporating gas with a good accuracy. For a solution, the slowing down of(More)
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