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Increasing attention has been paid over the years to the environmental problems related to industrial activities. Environmental standards have been established and control organisms have been created with a view to applying restrictive legislation. In the dyeing industry, ennoblers discharge in the environment large volumes of strongly coloured effluents(More)
In the electronics industry, the preparation of silicon plates generates effluents that contain a great amount of colloidal silica. Two processes--decantation and ultrafiltration--are studied with in view the treatment of the effluents released by the firm Rockwood Electronic Materials. The feasibility of each of the two processes is studied separately and(More)
The treatment and valorization (recycling of water and mineral salts) of dyeing effluents constitutes a major economic and environmental issue. Cotton dyeing using reactive dyes is actually the most polluting in terms of discharge. In order to treat and valorize the effluent from a dyeing process using reactive dyes, the firm Clariant and the LPPE have(More)
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