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OBJECTIVES Determine the feasibility of laparoscopy, with the objective as well as the subjective benefits offered to patients, and the possible contra-indications of this type of surgery in the treatment of mechanical intestinal ileus. PATIENTS AND MATERIAL This concerned 20 patients who came to the hospital with a picture of intestinal obstruction. All(More)
This is a retrospective study of 47 near total and 30 total thyroidectomies for multinodular goiter, Graves' disease and thyroid cancer. Complications are rare: one permanent recurrent nerve palsy out of 154 nerves at risk, one definitive hypoparathyroidism. For a benign pathology, the former bilateral sub-total thyroidectomy should be replaced by a(More)
Traumatic lesions of the pancreas are rare (3-12% of abdominal trauma). In Central Europe most of them are due to blunt trauma. We reviewed the series from four university and one central hospitals in Switzerland over a period of ten to twenty years. Among these 75 cases, 84% were consecutive to blunt trauma. All the cases with an open injury were operated(More)
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