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A mathematical model of post-tetanic potentiation is proposed. The model uses differential equations and is based upon physiological postulates of the electrical, metabolic, and neuroendocrine activities that are related to synaptic connectivity. These activities may modify some important parameters in synaptic function. In the proposed model these(More)
Anticoagulant therapy in the treatment of cerebral thromboembolism remains controversial despite 20 years of statistical studies. Among the unresolved questions are (1) the relative value of aspirin vs coumarin derivatives for long-term therapy; (2) the relative benefits of long-term therapy vs short-term therapy; (3) the complications of anticoagulant(More)
A mathematical model of the phenomenon of habituation as a homosynaptic depression of the amount of transmitter release is proposed. The model is based on the physiological studies of habituation in invertebrates and in the spinal cord of vertebrates, where a single synapse has been isolated and some of the physiological mechanisms of this process have been(More)
We report the degree of order of twenty two Jackson Pollock’s paintings using Hausdorff-Besicovitch fractal dimension. Through the maximum value of each multi-fractal spectrum, the fractality of the artworks is presented as a function of the year in which they were painted. It has been reported that Pollock’s paintings are fractal and it increased on his(More)
A mathematical model, using differential equations, of heterosynaptic plasticity is proposed. The model is based on physiological studies of invertebrates in which nonspecific conditioning, such as sensitization and heterosynaptic inhibition, starts to be elucidated and behavioral studies of classical and instrumental conditioning, which we postulate to(More)
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