F. Caneschi

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We present the 12-month results of a prospective trial of conversion from calcineurin inhibitors (CNI) to everolimus (EVL) in maintenance liver transplant (LT) recipients. Forty (M:F = 28:12; 54.9 +/- 11 years) patients were enrolled at a mean interval of 45.5 +/- 31.2 months from transplantation. Conversion was with EVL at a dosage of 0.75 mg b.i.d.,(More)
This work originated from discussions on the interpretation of the ISO 8327 Session Protocol and the ISO 8326 Session Service. The author, who participated in the development of the above mentioned documents, discovered that many who attempted a thorough reading of them, either for implementing the Session layer or for a better understanding of the(More)
Chronic alcoholic gastritis is a very important social problem in the Health District of Arezzo, which covers an area where wine is an integral part of the diet. The etiology of this disease is related to the alcohol induced rupture of the gastric mucosal barrier. For this reason we wanted to verify the therapeutic effect of a "barrier acting drug" such as(More)
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