F. Campagnari

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The properties of proteoglycans (PGs) secreted into the growth medium by normal young and senescent human skin fibroblasts (HFs) were investigated. In both cases, the incorporation per cell of radioactive precursors into total PGs was similar. The polysaccharide chains of PGs from young and senescent HFs were mainly represented by galactosaminoglycuronans(More)
Acetyl coenzyme A synthetase has been partially purified from many sources including yeast, bacteria, molds, plants, mammalian organs, and pigeon liver (5-11). Substrate amounts of this enzyme, partially purified by the method of Hele from beef heart mitochondria (lo), have been used for the isolation of acetyl adenylate from a reaction mixture containing(More)
The bovine uracil-DNA glycosylase previously isolated from thymocyte nuclei was further purified by 1 order of magnitude with the aid of affinity chromatography. The final preparation was totally devoid of DNase and apurinic or apyrimidinic (AP) endonuclease activities, and it corresponded to purifications of 457-fold over the nuclear extract and of about(More)
The alpha-form of poly[d(A)].poly[d(T)], observed in fibers at high (greater than 80%) relative humidity, is a 10-fold double-helical structure of pitch 3.2 nm. This new X-ray analysis shows that the two strands of the double helix are of the same kind conformationally and both B-like in containing C-2'-endo-puckered deoxyribose rings. Nevertheless, the two(More)
The microsatellite loci FCA045, FCA077, FCA008, and FCA096 are highly variable molecular markers which were used to determine the genetic diversity in 148 captive Leopardus sp. The PCR-amplified products of microsatellite loci were characterized in ABI Prism 310 Genetic Analyzer. Allele numbers, heterozygosity, polymorphism information content, exclusive(More)
The chemical dimers of rifamycin SV resembled the corresponding monomeric analogs with respect to the inhibitory properties versus the nucleic acid polymerases. At low doses, such compounds blocked the initiation step of the DNA transcription catalyzed by the bacterial RNA polymerase, as observed for the parental antibiotic and its derivative rifampicin(More)
Here we present mendelFix, a Perl script for checking Mendelian errors in genome-wide SNP data of trio designs. The program takes 12-recoded PLINK PED and MAP files as input to calculate a series of summary statistics for Mendelian errors, sets missing offspring genotypes that present Mendelian inconsistencies, and implements a simplistic procedure to infer(More)