F. Calle

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  • J A Garrido, F Calle, E Muaoz, I Izpura, J L Sanchez-Rojas, R Li +8 others
  • 2008
x 1W for V,, = OV. We suggest that llfnoise sources located in the channel are linked to electron mobility fluctuations, owing to carrier scattering by the depletion regions surrounding disloca-tions. Besides their high density, screening effects by the channel electrons significantly reduce their effect on the HEMT llfnoise behaviour. et al.: 'AIGaNlGaN(More)
Breeding cassava relies on several selection stages (single row trial-SRT; preliminary; advanced; and uniform yield trials-UYT). This study uses data from 14 years of evaluations. From more than 20,000 genotypes initially evaluated only 114 reached the last stage. The objective was to assess how the data at SRT could be used to predict the probabilities of(More)
In most applications based on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene, the transfer from the growth to the target substrate is a critical step for the final device performance. Manual procedures are time consuming and depend on handling skills, whereas existing automatic roll-to-roll methods work well for flexible substrates but tend to induce mechanical(More)
Breeding cassava relies on a phenotypic recurrent selection that takes advantage of the vegetative propagation of this crop. Successive stages of selection (single row trial-SRT; preliminary yield trial-PYT; advanced yield trial-AYT; and uniform yield trials UYT), gradually reduce the number of genotypes as the plot size, number of replications and(More)
Cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz) is an important food security crop, but it is becoming an important raw material for different industrial applications. Cassava is the second most important source of starch worldwide. Novel starch properties are of interest to the starch industry, and one them is the recently identified amylose-free (waxy) cassava(More)
Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is an important source of energy in the tropics. Its starchy roots are valuable for food security as well as for different industries. Cassava is an outcrossing crop and its breeding is based on the use of heterozygous progenitors. Non-additive genetic effects are important for fresh root yield (FRY) and can be exploited(More)
In this study a Bayesian network (BN) has been built for the study of the objective motility of Tinca tinca spermatozoa (spz). Semen from eight 2-year-old sexually mature male tenchs was obtained and motility analyses were performed at 6-17, 23-34 and 40-51 s after activation, using computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA) software. Motility parameters(More)
The aim of this paper is to describe the morphological changes induced in the striatum after the administration of haloperidol during the first postnatal month, a period in which a lack of tolerance to treatment with neuroleptics has been reported. At the end of the treatment several morphological parameters were evaluated including neuron size and density(More)
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