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The biologic compatibility of ceramic materials has been widely demonstrated, and alumina (Al2O3) has been used extensively in clinical applications for nearly 20 years. The authors examined the behavior of bone tissue adjacent to the alumina coating in eight cementless hip prosthetic stems that appeared radiologically stable and were explanted because of(More)
The clinical and radiographic results of 95 acetabular reimplantations performed between 1984 and 1992 are presented. A screwed acetabular prosthesis was used in 56 patients, the acetabulum was cemented in 15, and a press-fit acetabulum stabilized by screws (1 case without screws) was used in 24. Mean clinical follow-up was 35.6 +/- 24 months, ranging from(More)
Since 1981 a total of 76 reimplantations of the prosthetic stem have been performed, substituting 52 cemented stems and 24 cementless ones. Only 7 patients (9%) required transcortical access, 3 of these stems (43%) were not osteointegrated, while of the 69 reimplantations performed by intramedullary approach, only 4% of the stems did not achieve skeletal(More)
e19085 Background: More than 50% of BM occurs in advanced NSCLC. In most cases BM are multiple and their standard therapy is whole-brain radiation therapy (WBRT) since the role of systemic therapies for is still a matter for investigation due to concerns on the drugs ability cross the blood brain barrier (BBB). FTM is a nitrosourea able to cross BBB and(More)
A total of 167 ceramic-ceramic cemented arthroplasties with a mean follow-up of 62.5 months were evaluated. There were no signs of loosening in the femoral components. Loosening of the acetabulum was observed in 5 patients. A statistical study conducted on the two groups (the first aged under 70 years, the second aged 70 or over) did not reveal any(More)
Between January 1988 and November 1994 a total of 29 patient were submitted to high tibial osteotomy to treat varus knee. Osteotomy in minus stabilized by staples and plaster was used in 13 cases, a monoaxial external fixator (AEF) associated with hemicallotasis was used in 16. After a period of time ranging from 11 to 58 months satisfactory results were(More)
A total of 64 patients surgically treated for vertebral fractures were evaluated clinically and radiographically after a mean time of 49.55 months (from 1 to 124). There were 50 males and 14 females. Mean age at the time of surgery was 40.67 years (from 17 to 71). Fractures were divided based on the Denis classification system: comminuted fractures: 45;(More)
A total of 187 alumina screwed porous-ceramic coated sockets (An.C.A.), 48 screwed smooth-surfaced Lord sockets, and 251 cemented polyethylene sockets were radiographically evaluated at an average follow-up of 30, 51 and 96 months respectively. After 6 years the Lord prostheses revealed a 38% incidence of loosening, similar to that observed for cemented(More)
A total of 30 cases submitted to arthroplasty for the treatment of ankylotic hip are reported. The clinical results show that movement improved in 63% of the cases, with recovery of normal joint excursion in 37%. Severe limping consequent to hypotrophy of the gluteal musculature persisted in 62% of the cases, requiring the use of two canes in 17% of the(More)