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A Dutch family is reported with congenital Horner's syndrome in five cases spanning five generations, with symptoms of varying degree but mainly ptosis and meiosis. Heterochromia iridium, anhidrosis, and enophthalmos were not present. The site of the lesion may be in the region between Gasser's ganglion and the short vertical segment of the internal carotid(More)
We studied the effect of forced inflation at different alveolar volumes (VA) on carbon monoxide diffusing capacity (DLCO) in anaesthetized, paralysed and mechanically ventilated healthy pigs. An inspiratory pause procedure (equivalent of the single-breath technique) consisting of a pause between an inflation and expiration, both at a constant flow rate, was(More)
We studied the effect of increasing alveolar volume on pulmonary carbon monoxide transfer (DLCO) and its components, i.e. membrane diffusing capacity (DM) and capillary blood volume (Qc), during mechanical ventilation in eight anaesthetized and paralysed healthy pigs (mean weight 11.2 kg). We used an inspiratory pause procedure for simulation of the(More)
To determine how much myocardial O2 consumption (VO2) would increase during an additional load on the heart in shunt as compared with control lambs, we studied 12 7-wk-old lambs with an aortopulmonary left-to-right shunt (59 +/- 3% of left ventricular output, mean +/- SE) and 11 control lambs during exercise at 80% of their predetermined peak VO2 (VO2peak),(More)
This study was initiated to obtain data on the rate of carbon monoxide (CO) uptake (theta CO) by hemoglobin in pig erythrocytes to derive, in a later study, the pulmonary capillary blood volume (Qc) in pigs from the Roughton-Forster relationship. Blood from five different female pigs was used. The theta CO, the milliliters of CO taken up by 1 ml of whole(More)
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