F C Wilson

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A regional survey of Consultant level Neurology, Neurosurgical and Rehabilitation staff identified a retrospective estimate of patients in vegetative or minimally responsive states from their own clinical caseloads (October 1995--97). 35 patients were identified; the majority of whom were not currently placed in specialist brain injury facilities following(More)
Over 16 years, Wilson [31] saw and assessed 567 patients, 18 (3.2%) had a primary diagnosis of cerebral hypoxia. The present patient survey includes all referrals for assessment, management/advice and neuropsychological rehabilitation to a part-time clinical neuropsychology service, who were seen by the first author over a five year period (October(More)
A biomechanical study was designed to test the hypothesis that isolated plantar flexion of the ankle can produce avulsion fractures of the medial and lateral malleoli without fracture of the posterior articular surface of the tibia. Cadaver specimens were subjected to a standard plantar flexion force in the Burstein torsion testing machine. They showed the(More)
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