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BACKGROUND Tuberculosis (TB) remains the principal cause of death from a curable infectious disease. Indonesia is estimated to have the third highest case load worldwide, but TB prevalence has not been measured for 25 years. METHODS In 2004, 20000 households were selected in all 30 provinces. All adults (aged >/=15 years) in every household were screened(More)
A cross-sectional study assessed the knowledge and practices of registered practitioners in management of tuberculosis (TB) in north-western Somalia. Of 100 registered doctors, 53 were interviewed. Of these, 32 (64%) had treated TB patients during the previous year, but only 1 had notified the authorities, 33 (66%) knew the most important symptoms and 32(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the annual risk of tuberculosis infection (ARTI) among children attending elementary school Classes I-III in West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. METHODS The survey was designed to estimate ARTI among children, irrespective of BCG scar status. Fieldwork was carried out in 72 schools selected by two-stage sampling. Children were(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper is to evaluate the accuracy of a new genotyping test (Antidepressant PredictAR) in assigning patients as likely 'poor', 'rapid' or 'normal' metabolizers of antidepressant drugs. METHOD Eighty-nine patients were clinically assigned (on the basis of their historical response to antidepressant drugs) as 'poor', 'rapid' or(More)
SETTING East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and Central Java Provinces, Indonesia. OBJECTIVE To estimate the average annual risk of tuberculous infection (ARTI) among school children aged 6-9 years in each province. METHODS Children attending Classes 1-4 in 65 schools in NTT and 79 in Central Java, selected by two-stage sampling, were intradermally administered 2(More)
The Shannon sampling theorem has been extended by Kramer to include the general kernel K(r,x) instead of the exponential kernel and also to be orthogonal in a finite interval. Jerri obtained the sampling theorem using Laguerre polynomials for the kernel. In this note we obtain the sampling expansion for a Hermite polynomial and parabolic functions which are(More)