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Among the available techniques to treat gingival recession, connective tissue graft (CTG) presents more foreseeability and better results in the long term. However, this technique causes morbidity(More)
INTRODUCTION Periradicular tissue chronic stimulation by endotoxin may cause apical periodontitis. This study investigated the microbial profile and the levels of endotoxin found in primary root(More)
INTRODUCTION This clinical study assessed the influence of different intracanal medications on Th1-type and Th2-type cytokine responses in apical periodontitis and monitored the levels of bacteria(More)
INTRODUCTION This clinical study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of single-file reciprocating systems and rotary systems in removing endotoxins and cultivable bacteria from primarily(More)
Evidence indicates that major depression is accompanied by increased translocation of gut commensal Gram-negative bacteria (leaky gut) and consequent activation of oxidative and nitrosative (O&NS)(More)