F C Marion-Poll

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We investigated the ability of pheromone-sensitive olfactory receptors of male Manduca sexta to respond to 20-ms pulses of bombykal, the major component of the conspecific pheromonal blend. Isolated pulses of bombykal elicited a burst of activity which decreased exponentially with a time constant of 160-250 ms. Trains of pulses delivered at increasing(More)
We describe and evaluate a software procedure for detecting and discriminating action potentials superimposed on a fluctuating DC baseline. Using an algorithm implemented in Fortran and Assembly language, spikes are detected by comparing the low-pass filtered first derivative of the signal with a preset threshold constant. This detection algorithm(More)
Sensilla on legs and ovipositor of the moth Ostrinia nubilalis were investigated by light and scanning electron microscopy. The ovipositor is composed of two papillae densely packed with medium length mechanoreceptor sensilla (MRb: 80-160 microns, n = 420-460). Long mechanoreceptor sensilla (MRa: 250-300 microns, n = 20-24) and contact chemoreceptors (CRa:(More)
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