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The purpose of this investigation was to describe the interactive effects of four signal modifications typically encountered in everyday communication settings. These modifications included reverberation, masking, filtering, and fluctuation in speech intensity. The relationship between recognition performance and spectral changes to the speech signal due to(More)
The present article further evaluates the accuracy of speech-recognition predictions made according to two forms of the Speech Transmission Index (STI) for normal-hearing listeners. The first portion of this article describes the application of the modified Speech Transmission Index (mSTI) to an extensive set of speech-recognition data. Performance of(More)
The interlist equivalency of the CID W-22 word lists administered in quiet and in a background of noise was investigated using 48 normal-hearing subjects. All four word lists were administered at 20 dB SL in quiet and in the presence of a multitalker babble (0 dB signal-to-noise ratio). In the statistical analyses, word performance and subject performance(More)
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