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Intestinal mucosal cells from the rat have been isolated by a new technique involving intravascular perfusion of an intestinal segment with collagenase. Detached cells were flushed from the intestinal lumen with a second perfusion circuit containing an oxygenated buffered solution with 1% bovine serum. Sequential collection of cells at intervals during the(More)
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection was identified in 11 dogs. The infection was associated with surgical treatment especially orthopaedic surgery. Infection after traumatic wounding, and recurrent pyoderma was also seen. Oral antibiotic treatment improved or resolved the infection in nine of the 11 dogs, although the methicillin-resistant(More)
To assess the association between symptomatic relapse of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and superinfection with enteropathogenic microorganisms, we determined prospectively the incidence of infections with enteropathogenic bacteria, protozoa, and helminths in patients with confirmed longstanding IBD. Sixty-four patients with IBD (49 with Crohn's disease(More)
Fifty-one evaluable patients with histologically proven metastatic melanoma and at least one skin metastasis were treated intralesionally with interferon-alpha (IFN-alpha). Twenty-six of the patients were given highly purified natural IFN-alpha 6 Mio. IU three times per week. Twenty-five patients were given 10 Mio. IU three times per week of a recombinant(More)
It has been hypothesized that the beneficial effect on hepatic encephalopathy of lactulose or neomycin might be exerted by their effect on intermediary glutamine metabolism and ammonia generation within enterocytes. We examined glutamine consumption and the production of alanine and ammonia (net substrate exchange in nmol min-1 g-1) in isolated vascularly(More)
Amphiphilic drugs like chlorphentermine induce a generalized lipid storage disease upon chronic application. The adrenal cortex is among the organs most heavily affected. We therefore determined the urinary corticosterone excretion during the treatment of rats with chlorphentermine and the corticosterone content of the adrenals and its blood level at the(More)