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A total of 252 untrained, unacclimatized, and unanesthetized laboratory rats weighing between 485 and 545 g were fasted and either run to exhaustion at 5, 20, 23, or 26 degrees C or were restrained and heated at an ambient temperature of 41.5 degrees C. The incidence of mortality associated with a wide range of work-induced hyperthermias was compared to the(More)
To assess the lethal effects of work-induced hyperthermia on exercising animals, untrained rats were run to exhaustion at 5 and 20-26 degrees C or restrained at 41.5 degrees C. An exercise-induced core temperature of 40.4 degrees C represented a base line above which mortalities occurred. With increasing core temperature at exhaustion (between 40.4 and 43(More)
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