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Evidence exists that damage to white matter connections may contribute to reduced speed of information processing in traumatic brain injury and stroke. Damage to such axonal projections suggests a particular vulnerability to functions requiring integration across cortical sites. To test this prediction, measurements were made of perceptual grouping, which(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is associated with significant cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic complications. Thiamin and folate are essential for growth, development and normal cellular function, and their uptake is mediated by regulated transport systems. While plasma folate and thiamin levels are generally normal in patients with CKD,(More)
We present five cases of saddle pulmonary embo-lism with normal right ventricular systolic function and discuss the management option of this condition. Introduction Management of saddle pulmonary embolism (PE) in haemodynamically stable patients with normal right ventricular (RV) function is unclear. Thrombolytic agents are indicated in haemody-namically(More)
For ambiguous stimuli, complex dynamics guide processes of perceptual grouping. Previous studies have suggested two opposing effects on grouping that are produced by the preliminary stimulus state: one that enhances grouping towards the existing structure, and another that opposes this structure. To examine effects of the preliminary state on grouping(More)
Early visual processing in rats is mediated by several pre-cortical pathways as well as multiple retinal ganglion cell types that vary in response characteristics. Discrete processing is thereby optimized for select ranges of stimulus parameters. In order to explore variation in response characteristics at a perceptual level, visual detection in rats was(More)
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