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Different knee joint affections are apt to initiate different specific atrophy forms in quadriceps muscle. By a biopsy-technique using the histochemical demonstration of ATPase and succinate dehydrogenase fast twitch fibre atrophy can be correlated with increasing age and a moderate impairment but still ambulatory condition. Fast twitch and slow twitch(More)
A computer-controlled electromyography (EMG) System has been developed for the kinesiologic examination of orthopedic patients. A major objective in the design of the system was its convenient operation in the daily clinical routine. The EMG signals are transduced by specially constructed electrode-preamplifier units and filtered and further amplified in a(More)
In an attempt to clarify the question if the level walkway and the treadmill present comparable conditions for analytic examinations of the human gait we investigated in either situation with a computer-controlled motion analysis system some kinematic and electromyographic aspects of the gait pattern of 20 healthy subjects. The results show that on the(More)
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