F Brami-Zylberberg

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Several diseases may cause non-specific MR signal abnormalities of the bilateral basal ganglia and thalami. As such, diagnosis of the underlying etiology may be difficult to achieve at imaging. In this review, we will present interpretative guidelines based on clinical data (mode of presentation, previous history, clinical symptoms, and evolution) and(More)
Cerebellar ataxia is known to occasionally occur in the course of mitochondrial disorders. We report on MR spectroscopy (1H MRS) evidence of elevated brain lactate in the cerebellar area of 11 patients with cerebellar ataxia ascribed to mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency (RCD). 1H MRS spectroscopy evidence of lactate peak was found in the cerebellum(More)
MRI has dramatically improved the management of cerebral tumors and consequently oligodendrogliomas. T1 and T2-weighted images and gadolinium enhancement are very useful for tumor detection and characterization. Tumor enhancement is of a great prognostic value because it is highly predictive of high-grade oligodendroglioma. Three-dimensional MR images(More)
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