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Svp25 is a major glycoprotein of cholinergic synaptic vesicles isolated from the Torpedo electric organ. On SDS-PAGE svp25 migrates as a protein of Mr 25,000 and on two dimensional gel electrophoresis separates into several isoforms around a pI of 6.0. It binds concanavalin A and on phase separation with Triton X-114 behaves as an integral membrane protein.(More)
To monitor the fate of the synaptic vesicle membrane compartment, synaptic vesicles were isolated under varying experimental conditions from blocks of perfused Torpedo electric organ. In accordance with previous results, after low-frequency stimulation (0.1 Hz, 1,800 pulses) of perfused blocks of electric organ, a population of vesicles (VP2 type) can be(More)
The paper discusses functional and molecular aspects of the synaptic vesicle membrane during its life cycle. The distribution of the synaptic vesicle membrane compartment in an entire cholinergic neuron is monitored using colloidal gold labelling and a monoclonal antibody against the synaptic vesicle membrane protein SV2. This provides new insights(More)
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